DIY Xmas gifts

HI!  I had a huge outcry for the step by step for my DIY Christmas Mugs so here it is!

Gather your materials.  I have two porcelain mugs I got for $2.99 at Target, I have OIL BASED PAINT MARKERS, washi tape, a pencil and my printed out designs. 

The markers MUST be OIL BASED.  You can not use regular Sharpie markers and expect them to stay on.   You can see I used a few different brands.  The Sharpie is the smoothest but these worked.

Take your printed out design and flip it upside down.  Use your pencil to completely cover the back side with the graphite from the pencil. 

Flip it right side again and use the washi tape to tape it onto your cup.  I like the washi tape because it leaves ABSOLUTELY no residue.

Start to trace your design with your SHARP pencil.

This picture is hard to see, but once traced, take your stencil off and you should have pencil marks on your cup!

Go ahead and start filling in your lines with your oil based paint marker. 

Bake it at 350 for about 20 minutes in your oven.

Ta Da!

So that is it my friends.  Super easy!  Now go buy some Oil Based Paint pens!



  1. Thanks for the tutorial, Jameson! I tried doing it with wax paper and failed miserably. I hadn't even thought to do pencil on the back and push over it. Now I'm off to try again!


  2. I didn't even know they made oil based pens! Going out to get those tomorrow!


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